Dumb as a Mug is a web comic created, written and drawn by Neal (Neally) Morrison who for a long time kept a little black journal that he would write down funny, interesting, and odd things he would think of with his funny, interesting and odd little brain.

At some point he took one of his odd little phrases and drew a sketch for it Neally took a liking to the idea of just a simple drawing and a simple phrase put together to make a full comic therefore giving him the bases of the DaaM format.


Q: What inspired the name Dumb as a Mug?

A: For a while my roommate would come into my room and want me to do some sort of work. Rather then simply saying "no" I would tell him "I don't even know how to do that, I am dumb as a mug" I liked the way it sounded and when creating my web comic thought of it right a way as the title.

Q: How do you make your comics?

A: When I started some comics used to be drawn and scanned in, Now I use a Wacom intous 4 (Medium Sized) pen tablet to draw all the comics and photoshop CS2 (cuz I am old school) for both drawing and coloring the comics.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Normally somewhere between 2 to 3 hours.

Q: What happend to all the authors comments?

A: All comics before number 51 got deleted when we were reworking the website, and I just didn't remember... or really care that much what I said (it was all just jibber jabber anyways these new comments I am making are a whole lot better).

Q: You should make a comic with...

A: Shut up, if I made comics people tell me to it wont be my comic and I wont feel like I artistically completed something. You should probably go make your own comic with all these fancy comic ideas.

Q: I really want this comic on a shirt... but you don't have it in your store... what do I do?

A: It is not hard for me to put other comics up as shirts, if you just let me know I will set it up.

Q: Do you do commissions?

A: I have never been asked to, I imagine it would depend on what you want. I really like doing interesting things.

Q: Will you do free work for me, please?

A: Maybe, only because you said please... but I normally keep myself fairly busy for no pay already with my own stuff so probably not.