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Oh hey! almost didn't see you there!

So a funny story about this comic... So I come up with the concept at work and like any other genius on the go I e-mail it to myself... or so I thought.
but on further discovery in my haste I emailed it over to a client.

now one thing you should know about this comic is the phrasing originally ended in "you are still TOO FAT"

Soooo I of course had a mini freak out sent the client 4 emails and a voice mail explaining the mistake and got no answer.

By the next day the Client sent over a email and told me not to worry about it and wished me good luck on the comic.

So it turned out ok but man I felt so bad for the whole day, I really hated the idea of them reading that email and think I was being insulting towards them.


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Temple of the Boobs: an Indiana Jones Burlesque

Posted 02:59
Sun 04 December
by neal


If you are anything like my friends (or anyone who was born around 1983 and not my friend) that just played out as the Indiana Jones theme in your head. If you are quite similar to me or my friends, you also spend a lot of time thinking about young beautiful women. If both of these facts apply to you… then not only can we be friends, but you will also enjoy this review!


So what exactly am I blathering about? Temple of the Boobs: an Indiana Jones Burlesque, a new show featured at the Gorilla Tango Theatre that delivers just what it implies and a bit more.


Temple of the Boobs (TOTB) keeps to what I have grown to enjoy about the nerd based burlesque shows that have been featured at the Gorilla Tango Theatre. A comedic satire on something to which I am already familiar performed by very attractive women performing a risky burlesque show.


The story starts out with Indy's father reading from his diary, portrayed by a lovely lass who is playing the role originally done by Sean Connery. She lets the audience know of the adventures of Indy along with some helpful rules to keep the show as enjoyable as possible. Following the story Indy gets himself and short round on a crashing plane which happens to land on an island of women who's local villagers have been kidnapped by the horrible fiend pinch-a-nipple and her sidekick Mola Ram who perform horrible nipple twisting death pinches on the villagers.


Why do they do this? I don't know.. who cares… they are bad! What's your deal? Go get 'em Indy!


This adventure pits Jones and Short Round against bugs, snakes, hypnotized villagers, rolling boulders, and monkeys. They travel across the map ( also played by a female) and, as you'd imagine, straight to the bad guys.


This time around the performers seem to display more physical prowess with their dancing and performances. The cast of women do somersaults, hang upside-down from one another, even some ribbon twirling. Other performers even act as inanimate objects such as motorized vehicles and the aforementioned map.


The show is full of adventure, excitement, and fun burlesque I highly recommend it.

For tickets and more info check out The Gorilla Tango Theatre Website

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