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Happy pre shopping day, better stuff up on turkey so you can have the energy for all that black friday bull-shop.

I dont know about anybody else but it feels like it has been "The Christmas Season" since about the day after Halloween. Man I hate the Christmas Season soooo much, its like shitty remakes of Ye Old Christmas Classics by Justine Beiber played in every retail store I think really is a very good metaphor for my hate of this season.

Anyways all hate aside (this is me aggressively fighting my hate) I do have things to be thankful for this year... which the last few years I have not felt that way as much.

Neals Thanky List:
1) My Mom - So my mom has been very helpful every year and she will just always be #1 on any positive list I have.
2) My Roommates/Friends - This year I realized without these people being around me and living with me... I would just never leave my bedroom in the dark drawing... It be pretty horrible.
3) My Webcomic work - Oh webcomic you are so much work. But you make me feel so rewarded, I like when people randomly comment or email me nice things from here... I dont like mean things thou!
4) All those things I watch/read/enjoy - The last 2 years I think have been AMAZING for just things like tv shows and movies and comics and video games and just stuff that I either has just come out or I just discovered waaaaay after everyone else and its just all awesome...

Thanks to you whoever reads my comic :)

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Comic Preview

Posted 07:06
Mon 29 August
by neal

Over the last couple months I have started working on a second comic.

It has been a lot of work, but I wanna show people the 8 page Prelude to the comic.

The rest of the comic wont be full page pictures like the prelude but will be panels, and there will probably be a lot of changes to the comic before it is done.

6091672029_1eca1ac68a.jpg 6092212480_609dc9e0fb.jpg

6092210794_ca66c61bce.jpg 6092210786_af1ccf4200.jpg

6092210780_e8b2757c54.jpg 6092210776_42b89664f7.jpg

6092210774_49557f8734.jpg 6092210764_5c50d5cae2.jpg

That is it, thanks for checking it out.