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Howdy Dowdy

This month has been busy as all get out and appears it will continue to be so till at least mid next month.

Work has been terrible!!!! It seems like 1 customer everyday pops in to waste hours upon hours of my time, that I then need to make up for at the end of the day. I have been going in early and coming home late working on things such as "Numbering 5000 Raffle Tickets, Sitting for 3 hours working on one business card, getting interrupted every 5 seconds from the nice old lady that does reception. The one thing I am hoping is people aren't noticing me getting aggravated I really pride myself with keeping a level head (at least on pen and paper) and wouldn't want people to think I cant handle a ton of stress.

Also who does a Business Card in Photoshop! cmon! it is called "Photoshop" not "anything you need to do visually can be handled in this program-shop" now keeping that in mind, if you ever bring me a word file or a power point for print, I will break your arms... and your heart.

anyways enough complaining about work, I have been practicing for a concert I am playing in 2 weeks at a local joint called Martyrs in Chicago for a show called Dudeypalooza Sat Nov 5 I start the show off at 8:30 pm with my fancy nerd rap followed by some really good bands and some... who I dont know... but the ones I know I know are good! PUSH and ART GALTS WIDOW are definitely worth making it out.

aside from that it is party time, lots of party's and reasons to not sit in my room with the lights off drawing "The Tales of Whimsy" which I really want to get back to... cuz I like the dark. I have a VERY big part of the story sketched out but only about 20 pages actually fully drawn.

anyways my brain is kind of on shut off mode today, and I was dissapointed about Vests and Keyboard Stands

so I think I am done bloggy blogging

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Comic Preview

Posted 07:06
Mon 29 August
by neal

Over the last couple months I have started working on a second comic.

It has been a lot of work, but I wanna show people the 8 page Prelude to the comic.

The rest of the comic wont be full page pictures like the prelude but will be panels, and there will probably be a lot of changes to the comic before it is done.

6091672029_1eca1ac68a.jpg 6092212480_609dc9e0fb.jpg

6092210794_ca66c61bce.jpg 6092210786_af1ccf4200.jpg

6092210780_e8b2757c54.jpg 6092210776_42b89664f7.jpg

6092210774_49557f8734.jpg 6092210764_5c50d5cae2.jpg

That is it, thanks for checking it out.