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I think any relationship I've been in would have been a lot more meaningful if I could just pull off a good jump kick. *POW!* take that Kim *BAM!* suck on that Alma *WHAM* do you hear a dial tone? cuz i am off the hook Angie! etc...

If you look through my comics you will find that most of the time when I draw someone being kind of a jerk, they tend to just have blue/grey hair. I am not sure if people in real life who have blue/grey hair are jerks, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

later jerks

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Comic Preview

Posted 07:06
Mon 29 August
by neal

Over the last couple months I have started working on a second comic.

It has been a lot of work, but I wanna show people the 8 page Prelude to the comic.

The rest of the comic wont be full page pictures like the prelude but will be panels, and there will probably be a lot of changes to the comic before it is done.

6091672029_1eca1ac68a.jpg 6092212480_609dc9e0fb.jpg

6092210794_ca66c61bce.jpg 6092210786_af1ccf4200.jpg

6092210780_e8b2757c54.jpg 6092210776_42b89664f7.jpg

6092210774_49557f8734.jpg 6092210764_5c50d5cae2.jpg

That is it, thanks for checking it out.