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Hello folks

I am going to be at Chicago Comic Con this Saturday.

I will probably be wearing a "Holy Shark" shirt. so if you see me you can feel free to say "Hello" and shake my hand or whatever it is humans do when greeting.

I will bring my camera and try to take lots of awesome pictures to make everyone jealous they didn't get to go.


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Wizard World: Chicago Comic Con 2011

Posted 08:20
Sun 14 August
by neal

Chicago Comic Con

So I went to Chicago Comic Con with a couple friends.

We set out early at 10:45 am to pick up our crew and get a bite to eat before going to the con. With Chicago traffic that got us to the convention center around 2:00 pm.

Lou Feriggno

We got to the show and thought about going to some panels but by the time we got there most things were already beginning.

So we decided to walk the floor by Celebrities, cars, toys, t-shirts and costumed people we walked throughout the event.

Batman and Catwomen

Walking through the artist tables was a bit odd. I am really hoping to get to do some sort of convention next year (if I bust my ass hard enough to put something out) so just walking through trying to get an idea was interesting.

Alice, Zombie, Witch from Left 4 Dead

all and all it was a good time, however very tiring.

Sonic the Hedgehog and I

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