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In college I had this happen quite a few times where I was working and someone would come stand behind me in hope for a high five or a fist bump. Which is fine, when you have done something to earn it. These instances I am referring to however nothing was done to warrant a high five/fist bump... not only that but I wasn't even paying attention to the person who wanted one and had to actually stop what I am doing (something I actually dislike when I am working diligently) and follow the motions to get the person to go away... leaving my hand to feel used and dirty.

however, that still wasn't as bad as the girl who greeted me by pinching me when she saw me. (who does that? answer: psychos)


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Fellowship of the boob

Posted 19:58
Sat 16 July
by neal


The Fellowship of the Boob
-Neal Morrison

In May the fine people at The Gorilla Tango Theatre got in touch with me about Fellowship of the Boob: a Lord of the Rings (lotr), Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), World of Warcraft (WoW), and Fantasy burlesque show which was written and produced by the same tream who did Boobs and Goombas: a Super Mario Burlesque who back in February I did a review and took some photos for.

The story is your classic tale of 5 adventurers set fourth to find (Quest Item) as an audience member you play the role of a level 1 Healer whom with your magic incantation of "Nipple Booby Nipple Booby Tit Tit Tit" you can call fourth the Tip-Wench and with enough tips can restore one of your companions back to full health. Your companions include a Dwarf (Hazel Hellbender), Elf (Dinah Dentata), Warrior (London Derriere) and Rouge/Mage (Diva la Vida).


The story takes you through merlock infested swamps, in a rickety old tavern, enchanted forests, dank dungeons, and to the lair of the evil dragon queen all the while making jokes and comments about the fantasy media that has inspired the show.

One thing as a nerd I appreciate is the attention to detail put into the show from quotes directly from The Labyrinth, guest characters running through scenes directly from LotR, and insider jokes made by the Dungeon Master of Ceremonies (DMoC) you can tell that the creators/writers knew about these subjects. They seem to realize that as a nerd I don't just enjoy things like lord of the rings, and RPG adventure games I love them, study them, and quote them to my friends on a daily basis and would notice if something didn't feel genuine in the story and it makes me feel good to feel that the performers enjoy the subjects on the same to a similar level that I do.


The burlesque part of the show feature the all girl cast fighting rigorous battles, being introduced to new characters along the journey, meeting a couple mischievous pixies, or worshiping every ones favorite deity Cthulhu all of which transition well within the story and keep the adventurers on their way.

The show was a lot of fun, and it was great to see both beautiful girls and fantasy based adventure together.

Fellowship of the Boob is playing at The Gorilla Tango Theater, 9:30 pm Thursdays June 2 - Aug 25.
Ticket information can be found at

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