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I just recently up... or downgraded (depending on how you look at it) from Futon to Air mattress.

It is much more comfortable, but also is made of plastic and air. So it does not make me feel exactly more adult than a extremely uncomfortable futon does which is made of wood and mattress... stuff.

The only other exciting thing is I found some really handy numbering software. But as they do not pay me to advertise them I will not say the name of the software... if you need to number things you can contact me directly and I will let you know about it.

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It has been forever!

Posted 04:57
Wed 15 October
by neal

I have been gone so long you probably have forgotten the handsome contours of my handsome face... which is very handsome.

So my "post when I feel like schedule" apparently means that I become super lazy and involved with other projects and ignore my cool comic one almost 100%. Which is actually very sad if I stop to think about it... so lets don't stop I will keep talking without stoping, the first step is periods, I don't need them they are replaced with comas... Ok no that is stupid.

So things I have been up to, I have been posting videos under the moniker Holy Shark Videos Holy Shark Videos on youtube and have been featured on a cool New York public access show called Midevenings with Jay Miller a good number of times.

I have also been helping my cool friend Doug with his site which I made the logo and around the site you will see cool characters which are cool and I made and I also post weird depressing songs as Neally on there... some of them I think are pretty good. In fact all but my cover of Sia's Chandelier I think are alright. (please do not go listen to my cover of Sia's Chandelier, I really do not like how it came out.) Listen to "We Are Monsters" that one is fun and cool and also kind of depressing.

Speaking of depressing I have been depressed off and on as well. Which then causes me to be really procrastinate about doing things which then makes me more depressed. It is a horrible cycle... the worst part is the obvious way to break that cycle is by doing things... which is... the thing... that I am not doing when that is all happening. Yeash.

Alright that is enough talking for now
Thanks for visiting the site!

I love you, Always