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Howdy, been a while... hows the kids?

Do you have kids?
Who are you?
Why are you on my site!?!!?

Anyways, I made this comic. Based on a tweet, when I was coloring it today I remembered seeing a Godzlilla comic of him flipping the bird and saying "nope nope nope nope"

I do not think I consciously ripped that one off, Subconsciously however? I cant know that.

I did however decide mine is different enough I can post it and if anyone has a problem with that... well scroll up and re read the comic I just posted you punk as Mothra!

Uploaded by neal at 04:42 on 15 October


It has been forever!

Posted 04:57
Wed 15 October
by neal

I have been gone so long you probably have forgotten the handsome contours of my handsome face... which is very handsome.

So my "post when I feel like schedule" apparently means that I become super lazy and involved with other projects and ignore my cool comic one almost 100%. Which is actually very sad if I stop to think about it... so lets don't stop I will keep talking without stoping, the first step is periods, I don't need them they are replaced with comas... Ok no that is stupid.

So things I have been up to, I have been posting videos under the moniker Holy Shark Videos Holy Shark Videos on youtube and have been featured on a cool New York public access show called Midevenings with Jay Miller a good number of times.

I have also been helping my cool friend Doug with his site which I made the logo and around the site you will see cool characters which are cool and I made and I also post weird depressing songs as Neally on there... some of them I think are pretty good. In fact all but my cover of Sia's Chandelier I think are alright. (please do not go listen to my cover of Sia's Chandelier, I really do not like how it came out.) Listen to "We Are Monsters" that one is fun and cool and also kind of depressing.

Speaking of depressing I have been depressed off and on as well. Which then causes me to be really procrastinate about doing things which then makes me more depressed. It is a horrible cycle... the worst part is the obvious way to break that cycle is by doing things... which is... the thing... that I am not doing when that is all happening. Yeash.

Alright that is enough talking for now
Thanks for visiting the site!

I love you, Always