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Hey kids

I turn 30 in like 3 weeks...ish I have not done the math.

It makes me feel like this video

We had a Thunderstorm/Tornado here today which I was expecting to be the beginning of the end of the world.

No such luck.

Hope everything is great, I am slightly manic, but thats fine.
Don't worry about it, I will figure it out... when I am 30.


p.s. If you want to buy me a present I have been wanting every monster in my pocket from series 1.

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Howdy comic readers and comic readettes

Posted 08:40
Mon 18 November
by neal

If you haven't noticed, I have started putting out new comics on a "whenever the I feel like it" schedule, which tends to be monday mornings around 2 am. Fun!

ALSO New Holy Shark videos will be premiering on The new season of Midevenings with Jay Miller on Wednesday December 4th at midnight/11 Central on CTV Staten Island and MNN Manhattan! Which can be watched online HERE:

Please watch if you can.