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I went on a date last Friday and before you all get a weird look in your big dumb bug eyes I got to no bases, she was a perfect gentlemen and I was a proper lady the whole time.

Anyways I think it went well, that will be confirmed or denied by if she ever talks to me again. But we are hoping for the best. :)

Also if you were lazy the last couple weeks and didnt check out my newest youtube... I am going to go ahead and call it a sensation. Watch my fake fan friday 2 video.

Click this crazy ass link right here!

Thanks so much

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200 comics!

Posted 02:11
Mon 22 April
by neal

Dumb as a Mug has made it to 200 comics

If I still drank I would open up a bottle of champagne drink it and throw the bottle in the street.

I am going to however switch the release schedule to a more "whenever I feel like releasing a comic, I will" schedule

I really am going to be putting more time into The tales of Whimsy and more Holy Shark Youtube videos.

See you again reallllll soon