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Howdy and happy Dumb as a Monday!

Nobody ever asks me "Hey Neally, how do I learn how to make my own comics?" I assume because I am to intimidating a personality.
But lucky for you timid little deer somebody besides me has taken it upon themselves to help you.

for $25 you can get a I Draw Comics Sketchbook and Reference Guide.

by Product Designer Matt Marrocco & Marvel Comic Book Artist Ryan Stegman

I just ordered one and will let y'all know how it is whenever it gets around to getting to me. (also I just found out y'all was a real word. So there is that.)

Other then that I have been watching the new episodes of Doctor Who and to be honest it is not my favorite thing as of yet. Every episode is set up to be its own movie type thing where as previously the show stayed episodic with running on themes and continuations of previous story.

I dont want to give anyone the wrong impression that these are horrible in any real way. They are actually pretty good. But so far none of the story lines have really gotten to me on any kind of deeper level which is what I like about Doctor Who. there is a lot of really great episodes that do things that amaze me especially given that most shows have crazy movie style CGI and D.W. has a bit lower quality then what we are used to.

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reMIND Vol. 2

Posted 17:37
Fri 03 August
by neal

reMIND Vol 2: Kickstarter

About a year ago I became aware of a comic called reMIND by Jason Brubaker ( who also runs the site/podcast "Making Comics" where you can hear from comic writers/artists and find tips to making your own webcomic .) with . It was on the web posted at I knew I enjoyed that concept and art of the comic but couldn't get myself to sit and read it on the website. Never the less I started following Jasons RSS Feed and his Twitter.

After following him a while he mentioned that some of the printed copies of his book were going to be on sale due to having small damages when they were shipped to him. I ordered a copy and as soon as it arrived I sat down and just read through the whole book.

I personally find books easier to read then text on computer screens or ipoddys but I think part of the reason it was easier for me to zoom through the book is I think Jason wrote/designed/illustrated the book to be a BOOK. So it flows the way a book should flow and not the way a computer should flow.

Then a little later on a little before I started releasing The Tales of Whimsy I wrote a few comic creators I knew of and respected to let them have a look at it before anybody else… AND HE WROTE BACK!

"Hey Neal. Thanks for the email and letting me see your new webcomic. I really like the site and how you are displaying the pages as if they are in a book.   

I didn't read through it but I will book mark your site for when you start posting to remind myself to check it out every now and then. Good luck with everything! Talk soon."

Sure it isn't the BIGGEST thing in the world but you know he still spent a bit of his time on me and my little project that is something that shouldn't be taken for granted.

The first books story is about a girl named Sonja and her cat named Victuals who gets brain swapped with a underground dwelling Lizard-Man who's love was turned into a rat… it covers how all that happened.

It ended on a cliffhanger so I am happy the 2nd book is getting made. I would say "finally" but since I work on my comics and know it takes forever it is actually being released fairly speedily. (I was just extremely surprised speedily was a real word) I also know that a lot of effort is put into making these books something special from every page to the cloth spine.

The Kickstarter runs till Aug 22nd so please go and check it out… I really like getting the book at this point. I like knowing my $25 doesn't just buy me a copy of the book but also goes into the book being made.