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Oh man I ate so much snacks yesterday. So many Klondike Bars, Recess Cups, Potato Salad and anything else you would not want me to eat in abundance.
I am not a good roll model!

I also just work up from a dream. The actual dream wasn't important it was just weird dream junk. What surprised me about it however was 2 people from Elementary/High School were in the dream. This wouldn't be weird if it was somebody I talked to semi-regularly or once a year on facebook. But these 2 people in the dream I just doesn't think about... ever! I had to try really hard to remember one of their last names.

These aren't people I ever hated or people I liked they really are just people I don't think about. Hardly even thought about when we were in school together.

I don't get it.

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Super Boobs

Posted 08:02
Fri 27 April
by neal

A reality tv show audience held captivated by entertainment… and enough C4 to blow up every and anything within 100 yards of this show if the jokers plan happens to backfire. ho ho ho hahahaHAHAHA


What am I referring to you ask? why the answer is simple Superboobs: A Super Hero Burlesque the new Gorilla Tango Burlesque - Provocative Parody For The Discerning Nerd show featuring a sleuth of your favorite Heros against The Joker and Harley Quinn as their latest scheme unfurls right before your very eyes.


The show is highly comedic as I have come to expect from the nerd based burlesque shows at the Gorilla Tango which plays especially well with the Joker and Harleys… unique relationship with each other and the heros.


The burlesque numbers showcase the Jokers plans to defeat each hero in a unique way based on whichever hero she is up against.


At the end of the show much like any reality television the Joker lets you vote for who you would like to win Good or Evil.


Superboobs is playing at the Gorilla Tango Theatre Saturdays at 10:30pm

please visit Gorilla Tangos website for tickets.

Gorilla Tango Burlesque Facebook Page.

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