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Hope your having a good Dumb as a Monday

I finished reading the screenplay to Serenity which you can get in The Official Visual Companion if your wondering it is a pretty cool book that while you are reading it has shots from the movie, storyboards and concept art as you read through a large interview with Joss Whedon and then the script.

I was watching the series Firefly when I began the script and then right when I finished I watched the movie. It was extremely interesting the way you comprehend a script where you get extra notes that otherwise you have to infer and some things get cut out or switched up a bit in post and then when you try to say lines out loud compaired to how profesional actors perform them.

I found I can do a pretty good Jayne Cobb impression and a ok Hoban Washburne (a.k.a. Wash) but could not do a good Malcome Reynolds.

Anyways I have seen the series Firefly and movie Serenity about 4 or 5 times now and always get pretty sad near the last episode of the series because there is going to be no more episodes again.

and now ive bummed myself out

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Super Boobs

Posted 08:02
Fri 27 April
by neal

A reality tv show audience held captivated by entertainment… and enough C4 to blow up every and anything within 100 yards of this show if the jokers plan happens to backfire. ho ho ho hahahaHAHAHA


What am I referring to you ask? why the answer is simple Superboobs: A Super Hero Burlesque the new Gorilla Tango Burlesque - Provocative Parody For The Discerning Nerd show featuring a sleuth of your favorite Heros against The Joker and Harley Quinn as their latest scheme unfurls right before your very eyes.


The show is highly comedic as I have come to expect from the nerd based burlesque shows at the Gorilla Tango which plays especially well with the Joker and Harleys… unique relationship with each other and the heros.


The burlesque numbers showcase the Jokers plans to defeat each hero in a unique way based on whichever hero she is up against.


At the end of the show much like any reality television the Joker lets you vote for who you would like to win Good or Evil.


Superboobs is playing at the Gorilla Tango Theatre Saturdays at 10:30pm

please visit Gorilla Tangos website for tickets.

Gorilla Tango Burlesque Facebook Page.

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