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Hello and happy Thursday to you and your loved ones,

I wanted to comment on this comic because I think some people might take it as a jab at them... and to be fair to them, it is. A lot of really great people that I truly love and admire have been posting phrase pictures to their social media sites lately that say things along the lines of "A good man is the one who drives you home and then calls you when he reaches his front door" or "A true friend is the one who tries to pick you up before you hit the ground". Those are not actual ones and feel free to make a 370px X 370px jpg of either of them and claim them as your own thoughts and feelings... but I think that is my biggest problem with it.

These are not you expressing the way you feel, these are you seeing it posted on someone else's facebook or tumblr and going "sure" *click* (Post)

No real discernible thought was put into this besides "yes" most of these sayings really are not any worse or better then most of my own comics I post here aside from the fact that everything I post here I have thought about, found what I felt was the best way to word and then created a visual representation for it.

That is what I think is distancing people from these to me. If you are one of the people (and I am sure some of you will feel attacked by this) but next time you read one of these small inspirational banners. Think about it and sum the banner up in a sentence or two rather then just clicking "share" I assure you what you come up with will be more meaningful then the generic statement actually refers to.

"A real friend tries to see the best part of you and have you utilize it" (again not one of the ones I have seen... I am pretty sure I have seen one say the exact opposite which is "A real friend accepts you... always")

In the end truthfully I am happy something is there inspiring the people I care about... I just wish the inspiration was enough for them to do something. I also like to point out that I do not think myself better then anyone who posts these things for every fault I find in other people I find 2 in myself.

Yours Truly

P.S. Don't be mad at me! But, do feel free to talk to me about this if I jabbed you the wrong way with this one.

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Super Boobs

Posted 08:02
Fri 27 April
by neal

A reality tv show audience held captivated by entertainment… and enough C4 to blow up every and anything within 100 yards of this show if the jokers plan happens to backfire. ho ho ho hahahaHAHAHA


What am I referring to you ask? why the answer is simple Superboobs: A Super Hero Burlesque the new Gorilla Tango Burlesque - Provocative Parody For The Discerning Nerd show featuring a sleuth of your favorite Heros against The Joker and Harley Quinn as their latest scheme unfurls right before your very eyes.


The show is highly comedic as I have come to expect from the nerd based burlesque shows at the Gorilla Tango which plays especially well with the Joker and Harleys… unique relationship with each other and the heros.


The burlesque numbers showcase the Jokers plans to defeat each hero in a unique way based on whichever hero she is up against.


At the end of the show much like any reality television the Joker lets you vote for who you would like to win Good or Evil.


Superboobs is playing at the Gorilla Tango Theatre Saturdays at 10:30pm

please visit Gorilla Tangos website for tickets.

Gorilla Tango Burlesque Facebook Page.

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