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Happy Thursday... or whatever day it is when you are reading this! Happy everyday!

I for some reason get some what annoyed by trending topics such as "stop cyber bullying" when I know for a fact we have yet to stop REAL bullying that has been around since the 40s when one Donald P. Newmar did not like the cut of a young Billy Eldermans jib and showed him what for taking 6 pence of his mid day consumption fund. Dastardly as it was Donald P. Newmar got away scot-free with no repercussions and poor Billy Elderman was made to look quite the dunderhead for his physical ineptitude.

(enough blathering)

This Saturday I will be attending C2E2 and looking ,pointing and having nerdgasms all over my favorite Cosplayers. If you happen to see me there wondering around aimlessly feel free to stop me and say "hey"... or dont.


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Posted 07:45
Fri 23 March
by neal


My sisters band Conduits has just release their debut self titled album.

and is going to be touring opening for Cursive around these united states of America.

I have her new album (as depicted in the photo above) and have to say I really like it.

So far people have said it is Shoegazy... but I really have no idea what that term means... but, when I hear it I think it is very atmospheric and moody It would be good music to put on in the background if you were trying to do something like draw a web comic or close your eyes and try to envision all the stars in the universe. (good luck with that, you already forgot the big dipper you dingus)

I think it is good and am very proud of Jenna and her band for putting it out.

you can purchase their new album here
To see if Conduits is playing a city near you you should check out this website here.