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I have been watching a ton of Doctor Who lately on Netflix Instant.
For anyone who might not know it is a very goofy show about time travel and everybody has delightful British accents flying around in a blue police box.

I used to watch the VERY old episodes on PBS right after Red Dwarf was on, the 70s episodes were a little to slow for me to follow back in highschool but at 1 am on a Friday night there really wasn't anything else better to try and watch. They however really suped it up for the 2000's with CGI and monsters and interesting stories.

It is much bigger on the inside

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Regalia Stories By Eliza Frye

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Fri 30 December
by neal

(Disclaimer: I am by no means a professional writer nor claim to be and sometimes may not describe something properly.)


Oh, Hello

Back in September I followed a series of internet links that eventually led me onto a kickstarter project by a Graphic Novelist named Eliza Frye. What really caught my attention was her promotion video (click here to watch) It was stylish and beautifully animated with a very smooth jazz song in the background.


one thing is I really like Kickstarter as a place to purchase things I would like to have, sometimes the things may cost a bit more when purchased at the "getting funded" period of a project, but you also end up feeling good knowing you helped someone do something.


Well that all said her Kickstarter was kickstarted and today I received my book which my name is lovingly printed in it and a simple handwritten message from the creator "Joy." was on page 1.

As mentioned about the video Eliza has a beautiful art style which contrasts heavily between lights, darks, colors and textures on every page there is well thought out detail mixed with carefree expressions that mix well with the stories that have varying themes of murder, sex, intrigue, escape, life, family and death.


In then end I will say it is a very cool little hardcover book that had a lot of care put into it.


Now I just need to figure out when it will be New Years eve in Paris.

Click here to buy Regalia

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